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Stubbornly Wants To Do Campaign In Boarding School, Bawaslu Warned Ma’ruf Amin

Redaksi – Jumat, 12 Oktober 2018 09:52 WIB

Eramuslim – The Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) raised their voice talking about the statement of the #1 Vice President Candidate, Ma’ruf Amin that insiting to make Islamic Boarding School as a campaign target.

Bawaslu Commisioner in Dispute Completion Division, Rahmat Bagja affirmed, campaign in an educational institutions is obviously prohibited. Election Participant is allowed to visit such place, if it’s only for silaturahim.

However, Bawaslu also warned, the silaturahim that was meant is must be according to the meaning of it, without any program socialization.

“Silaturahmi is allowed without any campaign. Why can’t visit it, if it’s not a campaign,” Rahmat said.

Rahmat added Bawaslu allowed participants to visit the head of an Islami Boarding School to do silaturahim. He said, sort of asking for blessing to them is an obvious thing to do. But, if asking for support and gathering all of the students, it’s not allowed.

He makes sure that Bawaslu will give a decisive action if the Election Participants is caught doing a campaign in a school. Even, the worse sanctions is disqualification can be occurred to them, if they do it repeatedly . (15)

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